The road that led Ellie Mae to where she stands now was a winding one. Her career began when she was only 19... Against her parents’ will, she hopped on a plane and headed west to Los Angeles, where she worked as a Stylist Assistant. Her time in LA challenged her and forced her to look inward to determine what she really wanted and what she truly excelled at. Shortly after her 26th birthday, she was on the road again, this time, her sights were set on the Other Side of the Pond.

Inspired by the brave and lively approach to fashion she encountered while attending Central Saint Martin’s School in London, England, Ellie Mae decided to bring her creative energy back home to Toronto and establish her eponymous label in 2015. With a focus on chic and versatile jackets, she developed her first contemporary collection, featuring vintage inspired, eclectic patterns that lent themselves beautifully to modern street style.

She was catapulted into the spotlight in early 2016 when her designs caught the attention of Canada’s First Lady, Sophie Trudeau, who wore one of her jackets during her and her husband’s inaugural trip to Washington D.C..

Ellie Mae believes that a woman should dress for how she feels and remain true in her commitment to her own unique style­sense. Her goal is to provide women with the tools they need to do just that, by developing a line that promotes individuality, confidence, and fearless creativity. With a conscious approach to production and a commitment to impeccable quality and fit, we have only just begun to see what Ellie Mae has to contribute to the world of fashion. Steadily evolving, the brand continuously develops by exploring and embracing both modernity and tradition. While each collection has it’s own unique aesthetic, woven into the heart of every garment is the beat and melody of the music that ignites Ellie Mae’s untamable creativity.

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