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Ellie Mae - Wobble Grinder
Ellie Mae - Wobble Grinder

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Wobble Grinder

Made with a mixture of brass and maple, our Wobble Grinder is sure to be a talking point in any living room. Once you give it that first wobble, it's hard to want to make it stop. The timeless design mixed with the excellent function makes this the perfect grinder.

  • This grinder wobbles like no other!
  • Turned solid Canadian Walnut wooden wobble base
  • Grinder machined from solid brass
  • Hand polished finish on wood and brass
  • Laser etched COFO + EM logo application
  • Dimensions: 3''W x 1 7/8'' H
  • Made in Toronto, Canada
  • 50% Solid Brass, 50% Maple Wood