Ellie began building the foundation of her eponymous brand in 2014, but the roots go back much further. From childhood days she was inspired by icons in music, fashion and pop culture. Channeling their unmistakable spirit in the way she communicated who she was — most often, through clothing. Determined to get her foot in the door, she journeyed out West, styling music videos and television. But as a firm believer of trusting her gut, Ellie took the leap of faith to Central Saint Martins in London, where she fell in love with true style.

It was a place where no one looked the same and everyone owned their individuality, fearlessly - which inspired her to make her first piece. Starting with a fringe leather jacket, emblazoned with Johnny Cash's idea of paradise "This morning, with her, having coffee", and since then, Ellie Mae has evolved into a luxury brand with seasonal collections that epitomizes the collective memories and feelings from the people and places that stuck accord. 

Today, Ellie Mae designs and produces her collections under one roof in Toronto, each thoughtfully made with exceptional craftsmanship in small batches with grace and care. This timeless attitude and energy is infused into the very fabric of each woman who wears her designs. Staying true to her vision, she creates clothing for the individualists who push the boundaries, explore with curiosity, and who believe in celebrating self-expression as a way to reconnect with themselves.

Kendrick Rib Tank

$165 CAD

Michelle Shirt

$395 CAD

1970s Vintage Beatles T-Shirt

$400 CAD

Maddison Jacket

$1,195 CAD

Marvin Shirt

$325 CAD

Keanu Pants

$425 CAD

Marvin Shirt

$325 CAD

Karl Crewneck Sweatshirt

$360 CAD

Margot Cami

$345 CAD

Miria Cardigan

$445 CAD

Meredith Dress

$595 CAD

14K Gold Gemstone & Blue Enamel Lillian Locket

$5,400 CAD

14K 22" AAA 5-7MM Japanese Akoya Pearl Howie Necklace

$2,350 CAD

14K Gold & Black Onyx Anna Heart Charm

$2,300 CAD

1995 Vintage Penn State Rose Bowl Seater

$165 CAD

Melissa Blouse

$285 CAD

Morgan Pants

$475 CAD

1980s Vintage Montauk Party Animal T-Shirt

$295 CAD

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