Spring–Summer 21

Spring–summer 21

Spring–summer 21

A Breath of Fresh Air

The smell of your morning coffee. The warmth of the sun on your face. The sound of water crashing on the rocks, and a willow tree in the breeze. Exhale and take in Spring–Summer 2021.

Inspired by nature and escaping to the outdoors, our colour palette explores the browns of the forest, greens of the trees and blush tones of blooming flowers. The collection exudes femininity with light, ethereal fabrics, romantic prints, and soft knits to add a sense of ease.

Billowy dresses and matching sets take away the overthinking of choosing what to wear. Our goal, more than ever, is to make effortless dressing possible. It should feel instinctual. In a world full of chaos, designing this collection kept us grounded. It was our distraction. Our escape. Our happy place. We hope it is for you, too.